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rave reviews

I was really happy with this product and will happily continue to use it! I love the convenience of not having to deal with a cream that can get messy, especially when using it with a toddler. It worked exceptionally well for my dry feet, and cuticles. The moisturizing benefits really last a lot longer than traditional lotions which I feel like I have to reapply much more frequently. My top two favorite scents ended up being Tea Tree Peppermint and Island Breeze. 

Amanda Sharp / Lotion Sticks

I just started using this product on my feet and after 2 days my heels aren’t cracked and they are getting softer by the day!  I have used so many lotions, creams and scrubs and nothing has worked except this HEALING BALM!  So glad I found Creo Essence!

Mommacnk / Healing Balm Lotion Stick

During my pregnancy my skin would get so itchy. I tried everything from creams to lotions, and as soon as I started washing with the goat’s milk, Oats & Honey soap bar I stopped being itchy and dry. Goodbye itchy skin! Great soap, I wish I’d used it sooner.

Kiersten Krzeminski / Oats & Honey Natural Soap